Regional Valve Corporation

A Matter of Excellence

reycThe major factors of rendering the best possible service to our customers revolve around quality, availability, dependability and price.

You can rely on RVC for only the finest quality products and workmanship. We offer an great stock of popular products to satisfy your needs and eliminated costly delays.

Our products and servicemen are always at your service.

We will always stand behind the products we sell and the services we perform — a guarantee that is hard to equal in today's marketplace.You can depend on us.

Our prices remain competitive while offering you more than you have come to expect. Every transaction carries with It our promise of service and reliability,

To us, ¡t's a matter of excellence, We also offer complete field service. We are on 24 hour standby for your calls.

We stand ready to serve all your needs: anytime, any place.

Please let us demonstrate to you how well we can serve your needs.

Regional Valve Corporation
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